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On behalf of the staff of the library and the Board of Trustees:

Libraries have long served as stewards of free speech, and we are proud and passionate to be a part of that tradition. We remain fully committed to free expression and free access to ideas and information. But we also recognize that these freedoms depend upon equal access, mutual respect, and civility. And, we strongly believe that racism and other forms of oppression are inconsistent with these standards. In other words, the equality of all people is not a point to be debated. 

As the nation grapples with systemic inequality in our society, we as a library recognize that we have work to do. This work is essential if we are to fulfill our mission to inspire lifelong learning and discovery in a welcoming place with exceptional resources, programs and services. To this end, the Library Board of Trustees has gathered a team of library staff and board members to begin working on sustainable, long-term progress towards equality, inclusivity, and justice. Confronting the issues at hand will undoubtedly involve many difficult conversations and much debate, yet we must recognize what surrounds our daily lives, and we must help to inspire positive change to our community. We look forward to reporting back to you in the near term. 


Katie Huffman, Director & Kirsten Sicuranza, President                                                    

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