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Imagine Your Story: Summer Learning 2020

Hey Teens, Hello Tweens! 

Welcome to the 2020 Summer Learning Program called “Imagine Your Story.”

We’ll tell tales, make myths, and share stories!

Make sure you pick up a BINGO card and join the fun… and get your prizes!

Our summer events calendar will be updated soon. Teen and tween listings will be green.

Join us for: Tarot for Teens, a Yule Ball in July, a Percy Jackson trivia night, and more!

Visit the literacy.region18.org website for links to reading suggestions, it’s a hub for the READ.LEARN.EXPLORE program that your school and public libraries are hosting together.

Looking to find out more about the OL-PGN’s Summer Events for children? Click here!

Adults! There’s also a summer challenge for you! Stay tuned for more info.