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A Taste of Ayurveda Virtual Workshop with Claire Ragozzino – Vata Dosha – Sept 15 at 6:00pm

Join us virtually for a Taste of Ayurveda with Claire Ragozzino. This 4-part series will highlight one of the world’s oldest holistic healing practices. Click a date below to register.

Block of images a large image on the left and two smaller stacked images on the right. Left image is Living Ayurveda book cover, top right is a photo of Claire outside, bottom right is a photo of Claire posed on sitting on the floor inside.

Thursdays at 6:00pm
Workshop Introduction – April, 14
Kapha Dosha – May, 12
Pitta Dosha – July, 14
Vata Dosha – September, 15

Cook along with Claire as she explains the benefits behind each ingredient. Learn how they help keep balance in the Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas, and explore the seasonal impacts on these health types.

In this 4 part series you will learn about the basics of Ayurvedic practice, which is one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole body) healing systems. Featuring concepts and recipes from her book Living Ayurveda, Claire will explain the benefits of using Ayurveda to help balance the principal doshas (health types) responsible for an individual’s physiological, and emotional health according to Ayurvedic practices. In this program you will be learning how to eat and move to balance the Pitta dosha during the summer season.

Claire will provide a shopping list, recipes and cooking instructions so participants can cook along.
(Please note we will send the shopping list & recipes out to registered patrons the week before the program)

This series is co-sponsored by Bigelow Free Public Library, The Lyme Public Library and Mystic & Noank Library.

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